ERASMUS + BOOST BOOSTING ARMENIAN UNIVERSITIES Internatioalization Strategy and Marketing Barcelona 19-25 February, 2018

Ս.թ. փետրվարի 19-25-ը Բարսելոնայում (Իսպանիա) Էրազմուս+ BOOST /Հայաստանյան համալսարանների միջազգայնացման ռազմավարության և մարքեթինգի խթանում/ ծրագրի շրջանակներում Բարսելոնայի Կատալունիայի պոլիտեխնիկական համալսարանում ԵՊԿ-ի ներկայացուցիչներ՝ Ա.Ավանեսովը, Ն.Ավետիսյանը, Ա.Հովհաննիսյանը և Ռ.Սմբատյանը,  մասնակցեցին «Միջազգայնացման Ռազմավարության պլանի ստեղծման հիմունքները» թեմայով վերապատրաստմանը:

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In this issue - December 2017
Top news
In the spotlight: Erasmus+ opens up your mind
Erasmus+ provides people with the competences needed to lead independent, fulfilling lives. It helps them find their place in our societies and develop a sense of a European identity – one that complements our national, regional and local identities.
Infographic Erasmus+ opens up your mind
Are you ready for 2018? Submit a proposal now!
The European Commission has published the Erasmus+ 2018 Call for Proposals. €2.7 billion in funding is available for education, training, youth and sport projects - more than ever before. With this increased budget, Erasmus+ will provide an unprecedented number of opportunities for individuals and organisations in Europe and beyond. Discover the major novelties and changes in the Programme Guide. It provides detailed information on how to apply in all official EU languages. Get prepared for 2018!
Leading the way: New resources showcase the very best of Erasmus+ and the Lifelong Learning Programme
Every year, thousands of European projects enable the development of interesting practices and outputs that benefit both learners and teachers. To give some insight into these innovations and their development, 5 new collections of excellent results stemming from various projects funded by Erasmus+ and its predecessor, the Lifelong Learning Programme, have just been published.
From Erasmus to Erasmus+: wrapping up the 30th anniversary celebrations in style
2017 ends with record-breaking figures for Erasmus+. According to the 2016 Annual Report, a budget increase of 7.5% allowed the programme to support 21,000 projects during 2016, 15% more than the previous year. Furthermore, since 2014, more than 2 million participants have benefitted from mobility grants. Expectations for the future run high, as reflected by the 30 proposals that make up the Erasmus+ Generation Declaration, presented together with the Annual Report at the closing event of the Erasmus+ 30th anniversary campaign on 30 November in Brussels – the icing on the cake of a celebratory campaign that saw more than 750,000 people take part in over 1,900 events across 44 countries.
Erasmus+ Generation Declaration: 30 proposals on the future of Erasmus+
Reflecting on 30 years of mobility under Erasmus+, the Erasmus+ Generation has put forward 30 concrete proposals on the future of the Erasmus+ programme beyond 2020. They have high hopes for the future: a larger, simplified and more ambitious Erasmus+ programme that will not only help Europe tackle the most pressing societal challenges, but also bridge the skills gap, increase civic engagement; shape society around shared values; reach out to the most disadvantaged; and foster cooperation with the rest of the world.
Higher education
Don't miss out on the Erasmus+ call 2018!
More funding for traineeships in digital skills, emphasis on staff mobility to enhance pedagogical and curriculum design skills, innovation in the classroom, and continued spotlight on social inclusion are all part of what the 2018 Erasmus+ call has to offer in the field of higher education. A stronger focus on bridging the skills gap and developing curricula by reinforcing cooperation between the educational sectors, the labour market and the world of research, are some of the priority areas for Strategic Partnerships in 2018.
Did you know that Erasmus+ will help to give students’ digital skills a boost?
Digital skills are becoming integral to the requirements of many modern job roles. With more and more students entering an increasingly digitised labour market, Erasmus+ will be supporting new digital traineeships.
Erasmus+ Key Action 3: a new call for proposals right out of the oven
A new call for proposals has been published under the Key Action 3 of Erasmus+. It will fund transnational cooperation projects aiming at improving European education and training systems.
Bridging the divide through Strategic Partnerships
Open and inclusive societies encourage their citizens to play an active role in democratic life, and it is through education, youth work and sport that they build a common ground for divergent opinions to converge and make ends meet. Two Strategic Partnerships under Erasmus+ are fully embracing diversity and turning it into opportunities.
Accommodation for international students: identifying major challenges
The housing shortage is a pressing issue, particularly for international students throughout Europe, and there are no easy solutions. During the last 2 years, the HousErasmus+ project took on this issue and produced a set of recommendations.
Education that promotes openness: a diversity management course and more
Experiencing and learning from other cultures is at the heart of Erasmus+. Openness to other cultures is a win-win: it's not only rewarding in itself but also brings with it new ideas and experiences that we can observe and then accept or politely decline. Yet openness is not necessarily easy, and sometimes we need a helping hand. These 2 Erasmus+ projects do just that.
Vocational education and training
Broadening horizons for vocational learners: New opportunities abroad with ErasmusPro
We all know that higher education students can spend several months learning abroad; but did you know that the Erasmus+ programme also offers this chance to vocational learners? The 2018 Erasmus+ call for proposals unlocks even more opportunities to make this happen.
New call for proposals: Joint qualifications in VET
A new Erasmus+ call for proposals has been published under Key Action 3, to support national policy reforms, on the topic “Joint Qualifications in VET”. Applications are open until 31 January 2018.
School education
Young explorers begin their voyages across Europe thanks to Erasmus+
Move2Learn, Learn2Move directly benefits young Europeans between the ages of 16 and 19 who participated in eTwinning projects during the 2016-2017 school year. Funded by Erasmus+, the initiative has sparked wide interest and pupils have already started travelling.
New opportunities for schools with Erasmus+
The Erasmus+ programme offers plenty of possibilities to teachers and other school staff who wish to work with their peers across Europe, and 2018 will be richer than ever with opportunities for schools.
Adult learning
Adult education celebrates cultural heritage
As the European Year of Cultural Heritage, 2018 will be an ideal moment to discover adult education as a force for promoting and protecting our heritage. To celebrate this very special year, here are some examples of how different cultural institutions can use Erasmus+ to support adults in their acquisition of various skills and competences.
Erasmus+ projects in adult education: find out what EPALE can do for you
The new Erasmus+ call for proposals is out! Find out how EPALE, the ePlatform for Adult Learning in Europe can help you manage your project at every stage.
Learning about other cultures with Erasmus+ Capacity Building projects in the youth field
Ever thought of getting involved in youth projects outside Europe? With capacity-building projects in the field of youth, it's possible!
Erasmus+ Youth: Cultural openness in terms of numbers
Erasmus+ prides itself on broadening young people's view of the world and openness to other cultures. Ever wondered how much? The RAY, short for Research-based analysis of Erasmus+ Youth in Action, has all the details.
Fighting match fixing – a European effort
For many people, sporting competitions offer opportunities to also learn about other cultures. Take the Icelandic team in the Euro 2016 – people loved the Viking Thunderclap and the amazing support of the Icelandic fans. Sport also brings people together, just look at how Belgium becomes one when their football team is playing, or the recent Davis Cup Final.

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